Here you can see the striking difference between the "HDR" style of real estate photography... and the "Flambient" photography technique.  "HDR" photography has become, increasingly, popular over the last few years... because it is quick and easy.  3-5 exposures are taken of the same scene, and then merged together, with automated software, to try and create a natural looking scene.   Typically, no flash is used in HDR photography... and the results, almost always, have the "HDR look" shown in the example below.   There is a dull and drab look to the scene... with inaccurate colors and "washed out" window views.  White walls and ceilings, typically, turn out with gray or yellow color casts.   Compare the difference in the scene shot with HDR technique and the same scene shot with  Flambient technique.   Notice the striking difference in color, sharpness, and vibrancy.    In the Flambient technique... flash is, artfully, blended with natural light to create the scene that you actually see with your eyes... not an automated software  attempt at reproducing the complex colors and lighting of a scene like this one.   HDR photography is relatively easy and can produce "ok' quality.    Flambient photography is a challenge to learn and requires special equipment and technique... but if you want the ultimate in image quality, for high-end properties, this is the "gold standard" in real estate photography.   There is a reason why flash is used in high quality studio portrait photography...  it's the same reason that lights are used in TV and movie production.   Even the most advanced cameras need help in rendering a person, or a scene in the most flattering manner.   This is the reason that we combine flash and natural light for the most beautiful and realistic representation of high-end properties.

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