West Maui Photo Tour by Joe West - A Different Approach to Touring Maui

West Maui Photo Tour - 1/2 Day - Maximum of 4 People per Tour - $399 (+tax) per Tour

Aloha! My name is Joe West, I’ve had a photography business, in Maui County, since the year 2000. I’ve worked with clients such as Four Seasons Resorts, Marriott International, King Kamehameha Schools, Island Sothebys and many more. I’ve shot sports, weddings, family portraits, and real estate. You have, probably, seen some of my photos in calendars, postcards, and magazines around Maui. I was one of the first, in Hawaii, to acquire the FAA’s “107” certification for commercial drone services. In addition, I’ve guided hikes and tours for several years, in Hawaii, so I’m well versed in Hawaiian history and culture. My wife and I, currently, live in the beautiful West Maui area.

I am offering a very unique West Maui Photo Tour experience. This tour is, primarily, designed for guests staying in the Kaanapali, Napili, and Kapalua resort areas of West Maui. I know the frustration of dealing with some tour operators who tend to cram as many people as they can into a tour van, bus or boat… and, always, seem a bit pushed to finish up a tour so they can start another tour on time. These types of tours, often, tend to feel very “automated” and rushed… often using vehicles and equipment that are showing the effects of years of hard use.

I decided to take a different approach in sharing my knowledge of photography and the Island of Maui.  First of all, the maximum number of guests I will take on a tour is 4. Secondly, I will only take one tour per day, so I am never rushed to get back and start another tour on the same day. You will be picked up, at your resort, in a brand new, clean, and comfortable vehicle… with plenty of room for each person. My West Maui Photo Tour, normally, takes about 4 hours… but we are not locked into that time frame. If the group wants to stay a little longer at a certain site, or if someone has additional photography questions… no problem… we just take our time and enjoy the experience with no rush to get back to start another tour on the same day. Also, I work around your schedule. Some groups want to leave early in the morning… some like to start a bit later. Starting time is, simply, when you want to start. This kind of customization and flexibility can only work with small groups of people… another reason I keep my group size at 4 or less. I’ve worked with larger groups before, and I much prefer the connection and intimacy of a smaller group. First names get picked up quickly as the tour takes on the comfortable feeling of a family outing from the start.

Honolua Bay

Drone Aerial Prints & More - "Maui Jungle" - Hawaii

My West Maui Photo Tour is designed to give you some outstanding photography opportunities in beautiful areas of Maui that are, often, not seen by many visitors. We’ll visit beautiful, uncrowded, sites like the Nakalele Blowhole and Punalau Beach. We’ll take a 1.2 mile hike around the Ohai Loop Trail and Overlook. Along the way, I’ll be offering photography tips to help you get the very best out of your vacation photos. I’ll, also, be talking about Hawaii’s colorful history relating to the sites you will be visiting.

In order to take this tour, you need to be comfortable with hiking, at least, one mile over uneven and rocky terrain. This tour is not designed for children... so the minimum age, for participation, is 16 years old. You will need closed toed walking or hiking shoes (not sandals). Bottled water and trail snacks will be provided.   It’s a good idea to bring a backpack for carrying your gear. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Maui’s sun can be very deceiving… it’s, often, much stronger than it feels! It’s better to “over protect” yourself from the sun rather than risk a vacation ruining sunburn. If you bring a camera, please do a bit of research before we start. I’m familiar with a range of cameras, but like smart phones, each camera has it’s own menu quirks and it’s impossible to know how to get to certain settings on all cameras. At the very least, you should know how to manually set flash, ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds… if these options are available on your camera. I will be talking about a few advanced options like multiple exposure blending… which will not be offered on all cameras, but I will be showing examples with my own equipment. I’ve found that it’s best to either focus on ground based photography instruction or aerial based… but not both at the same time.  If you have an interest in drone photography instruction, just let me know and I can customize the tour for aerial photography.  In short this is a very relaxed photo tour that will take you to some remote and beautiful Maui locations. You will receive some valuable photo tips, along the way, that can help improve the quality of your photos. In addition, I will document your Maui adventure with photo portraits along the way... these high resolution images will be added to a private online gallery where you will be able to view all your images and share them with friends. You will, also, learn some interesting facts about the history of Maui along the way.

Call or write to schedule your unique West Maui Photo Tour today.

Call Joe:  808-565-6219

Email:  joelanai@yahoo.com

Punalau Beach

Windmills Beach (Punalau Beach) - Island of Maui, Hawaii
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